Monday, October 27, 2008


I am 1/4 Dutch. My grandpa immigrated through Ellis Island at age 19 from Rotterdam. My heart goes out to others who immigrated through less politically popular circumstances. Many good people come to this country with much to offer, just the same as my grandfather, but coming from a different latitude to face other attitudes. Where is the justice? Just wondering. I understand there are limits to resources to care well for each other. But what is truly limiting those resources? And are those limits equitable?

I started thinking about this issue again when my friend recently told me she was third generation American, same as I am. She told me someone recently asked her what part of Mexico she was from. She wasn't sure if that question implied any attitude or not, but it caught her off guard. And she didn't know for sure where her grandfather was from in Mexico, anyway. No one ever asks me what part of Holland/The Netherlands I'm from. Made me think.

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Glen Peterson said...

What part of the Netherlands are you from?