Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All Different

I was just reflecting on our differences and the positive impact that has on the world. The other day, we watched my 16-year-0ld mountain goat nephew cycle down a mountain road. I was terrified just riding in the truck with Glen driving. [No offense Glen -- you didn't scare me. The curves on a cliff did.] I thought there is NO WAY I could ride my bike that far on that kind of a incline (decline?) with curves, cliffs, blind corners, and lack of shoulders and bumper pads. I really admired his fortitude to do all that in such a determined, yet relaxed manner. I was impressed. Then I got to thinking, there are probably things I do that he would never want to do. Perhaps, teaching a class of fourth graders or being an assistant principal at a middle school. I had that same determined, yet relaxed attitude. So, I'm just glad for all the different skills, talents, and gifts people in my life have. As the song says, "What a wonderful world." And great loved ones -- friends and family -- with which to share the road of life.