Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Truth to Pierce the Heart

"This type of thinking and name-calling is the beginning of the dehumanization of a person or ethnic group. We objectify and project negative qualities onto those we fear or despise. It is difficult to discriminate against and mistreat a person when you identify with them or think of them as being "like us." However, if we can reduce them to 'ni----- [I chose to leave the word out], 'terrorists,' 'savages,' or 'dogs,' or distance them from ourselves as 'illegal aliens,' they become less than human and acceptable objects of mistreatment. After that, the transition from discrimination to hatred and bigotry becomes easier and easier; racism and 'ethnic cleansing' can be justified by well-meaning people as something they are doing to protect the good in the name of the Lord."
Brenda Salter McNeil
A Credible Witness
p. 31

This is a painful path that is brewing all around us. As a follower of Christ, I must live my life in step with Jesus as demonstrated in his encounter with the woman at the well.

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