Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Life My Dog

Well, I've compromised. I decided I wanted to let my dog on our sofa. For years, we have not permitted our animals on the furniture, with the exception of our bed on occasion. Now, the youngest gets on the sofa for a nap whenever he pleases. It is very cute to me and I delight in sitting there next to him for the evening. At first, I felt like as master I had slipped to an owner prone to spoil a pup. Other rules have stood firm. I just thought that I might really enjoy sitting next to him as he curls up next to me. I was right. It is sweet, cozy companionship. Life is short. Enjoy your dog!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean #3

[Wow! It has been a long time since I blogged. Time flies.]

Not sure what was longer...the line to get in or the movie itself, but a small band of friends and I joined the herd gathered at the local theater for the first showing of the new Pirates movie. Our friends were in line two-hours ahead of showtime. We had bought tickets online the night before. We joined them in line about 45 minutes ahead of showtime. We were seated about 20 minutes after that. We were surrounded by a crowd largely younger than we are. Where do the other 50-somethings go for fun on a Thursday night? We were not, however, dressed in pirate garb as many were. I'm not that hard core of a fan. I just love a well-told rip-roaring story.

We sat in the back of the theater and relished the fact that no one would be kicking our seats. Previews lasted a while. Then the movie began and hooked me from the start with a mysterious and intriguing beginning, which appealed to my social justice side grabbing my emotions by the throat. And the wild ride continued from there in true Pirates tradition. It exceeded my expectations and I liked it better than #2. It was a creative, swashbuckling adventure with the fabulous return of all the main characters, the solid humor, the crazy twists and turns, and a decent amount of gross. What more could I ask for? And hooray for the women!

It was fun! I loved what they did with the edge of the world. I was surprised by certain events. Johnny Depp is still amazing at the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. The trip to Singapore added interest and dimension. I lost count of subplots and the pirates' code (which is just a guideline, really), but that did not spoil a thing. It just made me want to see it again. Oooooo and that Calypso. That is all I can say unless someone demands parley.

Now I've heard a critic hammer it as a bad movie. Well, he probably did not have many friends as a child. Maybe the movie breaks down in some ways for some people, but I enjoyed it. It was fun. And that is mostly why I go to the movies in these cases. Did I mention the special effects were special and effective?

I did think the movie was wrapping up about six different times, but no, another twist and off we go! That was OK. I stayed engaged. So, three hours later...preview, movie, and credits (stay to the end, of course)...we headed home, fell into bed, and I must have sword fought all night because I woke up tired.