Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Surviving the Heat - Mind over Matter

It has been in the 90's all week. Not the 1990's. That would be weird. Temperature 90's. Hot. Summer. Expected, though we've had decent weather until now. I am thankful that mornings and evenings are cool. I'm thankful that I'm so cool. Huh?

So, I realized I have a strategy for surviving as the day heats up. Our home does not have air conditioning, so that plays in to my strategy.

15 Tips to Beat the Heat

  1. Start out wearing warmer clothes: long pants or jeans, a shirt with sleeves.
  2. When it gets too hot mid-afternoon, change into shorts and a sleeveless top to feel relief.
  3. I can usually take a shower, and if I rinse my head -- or wash my hair -- ahhhhh! Such coolness as the hair air dries. Thankfully, I don't have to use a blow dryer.
  4. I also have a little kid's wading pool. I fill it, put a chair next to it, grab a book and read while I just put my feet in the pool. I don't need a big pool. My feet don't know the difference, and the cooling effect is delightful.
  5. Make "sun tea" -- ice tea that brews in the sun. That makes the heat productive and rewards us with a cool drink.
  6. Go to the YMCA -- it is air conditioned and I can exercise there -- even swim in the pool! Nice.
  7. Keep lights off, of course.
  8. Enjoy the shade.
  9. Go to the coast.
  10. Get indoors at a public space: library, restaurant, store, or movie; or take a drive in the air conditioned car!
  11. Eat a cold soup such as Summer Borscht, Gazpacho, or Vichyssoise.
  12. Eat crispy cool salads.
  13. Eat BBQ burgers or hot dogs or anything from the grill; sure -- the grill gets too hot, but if you are hot already, at least it feels like a fun occassion.
  14. Get plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  15. If outdoors, use an umbrella for shade.
  16. Look at pictures of winter and snow.
  17. Sing snow songs.
  18. Water balloon fights and sprinkler runs.
Things to Avoid in Hot Weather
  1. Watching my dogs pant. I always tell them it is too warm for pants -- go change; or I tell them it is going to be hot today, they may want to take off their coats. They don't even laugh.
  2. Baking cookies.
  3. Wearing socks and shoes.
  4. Sitting in the sun.
  5. Going without water.
  6. Planning a trip to the dessert.