Saturday, October 25, 2008

Foamy Soap

I just love foamy soap. This is currently one of the simple, little, inconsequential highlights in my life. And why not?!! I've been wrestling with all the propositions pending on our November ballot, trying to weave my way through the propaganda to find truth in light of Scripture, and form an opinion. That has been exhausting. So, soap is a pleasant distraction. I have a soap dispenser at the kitchen sink. It fills my hand with a squirt of soft, foamy, lemony bubbles. It has a light feel, a fresh smell, and a silly look -- this foamy soap in my hand. More public restrooms have it now, too. It's easier to wash my hands with that kind of soap, too. But I just enjoy the light, fresh bubbliness. It is just that simple. A little ahhhhhhhhhh in the day.

1 comment:

Glen Peterson said...

I washed with foamy soap in the airplane lavatory. So satisfying.