Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I Will Not Celebrate

I felt sad after reading some Facebook comments about the death of Osama Bin Laden, though I understand the evil dimension. I found wisdom in some friends' comments as well. I felt troubled by the TV views of people celebrating the violent end of a human life, though allegedly responsible for tragic events. Many responded to it in a way similar to when the USA hockey team had just won an unlikely game in the Olympics. I am grieving the murder of Bin Laden, though I see the purpose. These circumstances conflict with what I understand from Christ's example. I feel sad that it happened in front of his loved ones, from what I've heard.

I am not sure this is justice. It seems to be retaliation. It probably does not bring closure. It promotes hatred. It could unleash more of what we all want to end. In my ideal little world, I'd prefer a respectful conversation about why America is so hated. That is naive of me.

Bin Laden was evidently responsible for many evil deeds. Yet, I am forgiven. I am called to forgive and love my enemies. That is not empire mentality. I feel I should apologize for my response. I do not pretend to understand how this translated into military obligations, and I'm glad I'm not the President.

I do believe Christ died for Bin Laden. I acknowledge he was created in God's image. That complicates my choice in responding. Popular reactions do not line up with those truths. That is sincere. Not holier than thou. Not moral high ground.

This happened a week after my Easter. My Savior was violently put to death by a government. I want to respond respectfully, and be considerate to those who followed Bin Laden. They do not see him as the top wanted criminal. I want to model dignity in my response, even if I do not support Bin Laden's leadership in any way. Therefore, I remain quiet and will not celebrate this death.