Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cheap Talk -- Costly Consequences

It is destroying community in my mind. It is lowering our levels of connection. It is often hurtful and cheap...though costly at the same time. I'm talking about the level of bashing others, especially public figures, with disrespectful words. Sometimes it is humor at the expense of someone else. It is dragging someone down with verbal weapons of destruction. All of a sudden, I'm acutely aware of it and becoming more sensitive to it.

I think the Paris Hilton and jail event brought it to my attention. The amount of sarcastic remarks about this situation is staggering. Though I am not a Hilton fan, I was actually outraged on Miss Hilton's behalf by the insulting and gross comments made be a female comedian hosting an awards show on TV the other night. The level of vulgar disrespect cannot possibly be considered humor, but evidently it was.

Hillary Clinton bashing is also aggressively prominent among the people who might be labeled Christian conservatives. I am tired of the snide remarks and forwarded e-mails degrading her. And I actually would like to have lunch with her someday. I think she is intelligent, articulate, and has good ideas on how the world works. Does putting her down some how secure some sort of moral safety or something for some people?

So, I've had enough. Often I don't respect certain choices made by certain famous people, as if I have the truth on what happened as represented by reporters. But, as a stranger to them, what business do I have putting them down in my random conversations? I am studying Scripture and examining the life of Christ. To tell you the bold truth, I can't find that kind of treatment to people others deemed unworthy of association. He was very direct with religious leaders.

I have become increasingly aware of community founded on relationships or caring, and how essential this is to growing. I'm working to reform my words, so that I do not participate in people bashing. Shutting up or deleting certain e-mails before reading is the easy job. Calling people on it is another issue. I've not gotten to that point, yet. That feels uncomfortable. Words are so powerful. Community of caring people is our hope and Christ's design, if you ask me. I'm learning a big lesson about this. I'm still learning. Sweet speech that is sincere on behalf of fellow humans is my goal.


Glen said...

Nice post. The book that I am reading, Divided By Faith, by David Kuo, he talks about the Hilary thing. In this case, Mr. Kuo was writing speeches for name brand political and religious right personalities. Up reflection on his speeches and his Christian faith and the things he had written about Ms. Clinton, he took the opportunity to apologize to her when he had the opportunity to do so for the personal and unkind things he had written about her.

Cindi said...

That is very interesting and validating. Thank you for sharing that.

Glen said...

Ok, it's Tempted By Faith. I am not reading Divided By Faith yet; bit; I do have it.