Thursday, June 28, 2007

Studio 60 -- Rumor Has It

I will watch the next episode of Studio 60 in 10 minutes. I just finished reading some blogs on the show that aired in other time zones already. Now I know this is the last episode. Now I know it wraps up a lot, but rather quickly. Now I know it is coming out on DVD. I already knew the cast was an amazing ensemble, the banter was intelligent and witty, and the characters compelling. I also knew the topics ran the range from humorous to deeply touching and/or troubling. I really enjoyed it, though it was on too late for this working woman. I miss West Wing. Studio 60 inspired hope for engaging TV, but it struggled. I'm not versed enough in the industry to interpret that. All I know is that I really enjoyed it, and TV viewing is less interesting than ever for me now. Good thing I love to read. Good-bye for now Studio 60. I'll consider getting the DVD.

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