Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear Mr. Strearns, World Vision

Dear Mr. Stearns,

I was moved deeply by the boldness in the recent statement of World Vision's willingness to support fidelity in marriage and abstinence outside marriage and the opportunity for gay Christians to work there in the future. I regret the reversal, but understand these are complicated times.

I am a straight evangelical, for what it is worth. I wanted to voice my support in the storm of outrage. Thank you, Mr. Stearns, for the work happening in your heart for others. Please hold your head high and continue to influence others for just living and loving others. You have my appreciation.

I acknowledge there is so much more to all this than I will ever know or understand from the spiritual, theological, and business levels. In the meantime, I will keep it simple and say I'm proud to serve the Kingdom with you. You may never see this, but if I don't write, I've missed a chance to offer compassion to you in your journey with me.

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