Monday, November 02, 2009

The Downside of Marrying a Good Man

My friend has a perspective angel. Love that! That angel has been visiting me lately, too.

My husband has had three first interviews in a couple weeks and a second interview for one already. So, being hired is getting closer every day.

It hit me this weekend that we've worked at home together for six years. A day job for him will take him to an office each day, and there will be commute time, too. A routine common to most, and familiar to us.

I have so enjoyed so much time with him, including many random lunches during the work week in our kitchen. One job involves some international travel. He would be so excited about that. So, I'm grieving the loss of the luxury of generous time with him and gearing up for him to be in a job, meaningful work, and free from the financial stress we've experienced, often more stressful for him.

I do recall that I married at 37, so I was a master of living on my own and loved it. So, I'm wrapping my head and heart around reality, and making my plan to be generous with him and seek new and familiar ways to invest my time when he is away that brings a new contentment. We'll need to be intentional with the time together we do have, but isn't that true for all loved ones?!! [He and the dog are playing on the couch right now -- so cute (who's spoiled?? we make him stay on a beach towel! -- Glen that is -- just kidding).]

Oh, the downside of marrying good men!

P.S. Perhaps we can add housecleaning help into the budget. I once saw that as a wealthy indulgence. However, when both work and then clean in spare time, it takes time away from time together. Someone else can clean. No one else can keep your marriage interesting, and that takes time together to relax, talk, and play.

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Glen Peterson said...

You are sitting on Sam's beach towel right now.