Friday, October 09, 2009

Intentional Boldness to Care

I just shared with a friend that in my current life stage, I am taking small steps to invest boldly in the lives of people available to me, time permiting. For instance, in response to a friend's openness to share a little life along the way with me, I am taking time to take a longer look at what is meaningful to her, as well as practicing good listening in pursuit of understanding. Then when a friend talks about what is meaningful, I'll have a better perspective and perhaps a brighter on-ramp to true community.

I noticed a short while ago how I was chasing people who were not really available to me at this time, though wonderful people. It felt frustrating. Tiring. The thought finally hit me, "Why? Take another look around and see who is near you, and find the value in them. Be intentional and see what God has in store. That's all. It's simple." So, I'm investigating that. It's fun. And freeing. No strings. No promises. Just seeing what's up ahead with others on my path.

I think when Jesus went to Zack's house, he modeled that. The simplicity of being together. Powerful, really. I'll see what God brings to mind as far as how this will look. Jesus invited all the time. Invited people to follow. To be together with him. Not tricky, but in our busy lives without enough margin, it can be missed. I don't want to miss being with others or being with Jesus in others.

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