Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Tortilla Chip of Engagement

On June 10, 1992, Glen turned to me over dinner at the Uptown Mexican Cafe, and romantically and practically speaking, said, "Well, marry me, then." My first act of biblical wifely submission. I said, "OK." Pause. "Are we engaged now?" I inquired. He said that he thought so. So, there we were over refried beans, and a simple exchange of a few words changed our lives forever.

We were therefore and thereby engaged. We needed some sort of ceremony or ritual to make it feel real. So, we each took a tortilla chip in hand, dipped each said chip in the salsa, linked our arms in that feeding the wedding cake kind of awkward motion and fed one another a chip. That officially became our tradition of promise, the beloved "Tortilla Chip of Engagement." And we all know, a one time ritual like that can bring memories of delight as the years go by.

I'd say "yes" all over again. And in fact, each day in marriage requires some broad sense of generous yes. I still have a crush on my husband. I am grateful to God for Glen. Marriage is hard. A good marriage is hard. And worth it. Most days, we have a great time here. Seventeen years later, I'm still happy he asked and I said yes.

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