Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Bakery Quest

This weekend, I started a new quest. I began to look for little bakeries as I travel around. My friend recommended two to me. One in Santa Barbara and another in Capitola, California. We stopped at Our Daily Bread in Santa Barbara on Friday afternoon for a late lunch. We did not get to Gayle's in Capitola. Another friend recommended The Buttery in Santa Cruz, which was very close to our hotel. We stopped there on the way out of town this morning.

There is something quaint, charming, and welcoming about a town bakery. It is a personal touch in a crazy world, and people gather there to enjoy something good and often to share relaxed conversation with others. Is it the daytime version of what a neighborhood bar might be at night? I don't know. The bakery seems to be a gentle peek into a local community for a tourist, providing a neighborhood connection. A bakery is a nice alternative to the fast paced world of food chains.

So, I'm enjoying this new quest. We'll see what I learn from observations and sampled treats! As a sociologist by education (B.A. Sociology), I love learning how people function in groups in society, and a bakery can provide interesting perspective.


Glen Peterson said...

Yummy and delicious. And, Harley asked if I had lost some weight!

Glen Peterson said...

I don't think I did.