Friday, June 19, 2009

Oma, Opa, and Raspberries

I just ate a little bowl of fresh raspberries, drizzled with cream and a light sprinkle of sugar. This is a summer treat from my childhood. When I was growing up in Akron, Ohio, I was introduced to this summer delight. I would go with my next door neighbors, Annette and Debbie, to visit their grandparents for the morning or afternoon. I remember four things: 1) we called them Oma and Opa, 2) they were of German descent, still with an accent, 3) they had the most fabulous doll house there, and 4) they'd sometimes serve us fresh summer raspberries with cream and sugar. Delightful dessert and memories for me to this day. [Sorry I don't have a photo of fresh raspberries right now. I just ate them.]

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Glen Peterson said...

A little bowl with cream, too? Hmm, how was it. Where was I?