Friday, April 17, 2009

American Violet

I would like to see the new movie "American Violet," released today, to better understand my world and issues of racial injustice. Unfortunately, it is not playing in my neighborhood. It is locally only in 2 theaters...both 45 minutes away. That's difficult.

Yet, "17 Again" with tween heart throb Zac Efron is everywhere around here. So, marketers know how people will spend their movie money in this area.

Is this any kind of social statement? Are people out here not interested in urban struggles? So a movie promoter won't risk showing it in the suburban areas? Maybe. Maybe not. I cannot claim to make that assumption. Marketers do their research and, plain and simple, movies that target kids are always the big money makers. The heavier themed movies don't create the box office buzz. Naturally, this impacts the money promoters will put behind a movie. Can't blame them. This is business to them. That is a wise business decision.

Many go to movies for entertainment, and films like "American Violet," might not be a seen to distract from everyday life and entertain. I like entertaining movies, too. I can't find fault with that.

Consider "Slumdog Millionaire." That movie took the theater going audience by storm after barely getting any attention from the movie business. That one was a brilliant blend of tough social issues and entertainment, as evidenced by the popularity.

So, back to if the lack of theaters showing the movie a social statement. Not really. Would crowds in my area be interested in "American Violet?" I know many who would. Truthfully, word of mouth will need to carry this one and move people to go see it, support it, and/or rent it.

The personal irony is that I've eliminated spending money on most non-essentials like movies in theaters. So, I probably won't go. I'd love to be part of the good turn-out this weekend to catch the attention and get wider release, but my money priorities are elsewhere right now. I'll look forward to renting it. Glen makes excellent popcorn! Better than theater popcorn any day!


Glen Peterson said...

Wait a minute! My wife will be so upset that someone has jacked her blog. She would want to watch a romantic comedy.

Oh, wait, popcorn? Maybe it is her. Yes, I do make better popcorn. Thanks for noticing.

Cindi said...
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Cindi said...

Got me on that one. But, hey. I'm multi-dimensional. When will that popcorn be ready? All this talk and no action.

Mrs. Coral Kenagy said...

Hey you two... quit flirting! LOL.
You two are too funny!

Since neither Jake nor I watch television and most of my computerizing is on real estate sites I don't even know what you're talking about- American Violet... what?

Cindi said...

Coral - It's a new release (limited release) movie that will inform me of issues other people face that have not been a part of my experience. Movies are a way for me to gain understanding into minority issues.