Sunday, January 25, 2009

"A & A" E-mails (Alarm & Alert)...Groan!

I have recently thought more about these “A&A” e-mails...”Alarm & Alert” that I get from time to time, usually forwarded. I realize that I can give little to no attention to them. I don’t have the time, energy, or priority space to dig deeper to find out truth and separate bias and then truly influence an outcome. I must devote my days to things that I can impact and want to give heart energy and head space to — things that God has called me to devote my life to in serving Him.

There is so much information available to us through e-mail that we each need to determine how to manage it. And this is my plan. I must each figure out how to avoid the distractions of electronic information, in an effort to focus on what is before me that truly needs my attention. At my 80th birthday party, when I look back on my life, will I think figuring out a right response to these types of e-mails made a difference? Of course, not! If I gave the time to studying God’s word instead, wouldn’t that be time better spent? Or sharing a cup of coffee to catch up with a neighbor? Or bowing in prayer for the leaders of my church and nation? Here is a good filter from Stephen Covey:

Circle of Concern - Circle of Influence
From The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Habit 1: Be Proactive
Determine what you can do instead of worry over what you have no control over.
Circle of Concerns - all those worries
Circle of Influence - from those worries, select things you can actually do something about. Be pro-active and get going! This will decrease the list of worries.

"Covey distinguishes between the have's ('If only I had...') and the be's ('I can be...'). Focusing on what you don't like is disempowering. Focusing on what you can do is proactive and empowering. 'Be part of the solution,' Covey suggests, 'not part of the problem.'"
[Comments from Mary R. Bast, PhD]

And the rest...learn to let it go and trust God. So, I will be deleting "A & A" e-mails and moving on.


Glen Peterson said...

I don't even get these forwarded to me any more. I will now assume that is because people know I only pay attention to things about which I have influence. And, of course, they know I am liberal and correct on these issues and there is no reason to send me silly things that make no sense.

Mrs. Coral Kenagy said...

Oh, if only people would realize I'm conservative and correct on the issues and stop sending me silly things that make no sense... then I could be as free as Glen. :-)

Seriously though... I fell in love with gmail again when I grew in my knowledge of FILTERS. Heaven sent I tell you! Now, all those emails with either FW or FWD go straight to my digital trash can. Bliss!