Monday, November 03, 2008

Things You Don't Hear in Campain Commercials

[Yes, I did spell "campaign" wrong in the post title. It has been a pain at times.]

This is an excerpt from Donald Miller's blog. Donald Miller closed in prayer at the Democratic National Convention 2008. He is a Christian, an author, and more. I found his blog post, "From Reagan to Obama, a Brief Political History," profound.

"While in Denver I met people from the Obama Campaign. I met Joshua Dubois and Paul Monteiro, Obama’s faith-policy advisors. Paul, like me, had been a Republican until recently. He is a staunch pro-life conservative who got tired of Republicans not making enough strides on the issue and was won over by the dramatic effect economic policy has on unwanted pregnancy and the bottom-up effects of economic stimulation as opposed to the conservative, supply-side policy. And Joshua spoke to me about Senator Obama’s personal faith, his commitment to close his events in prayer, his daily morning devotions and his twenty-year history of talking openly about Jesus. I didn’t need to be won over. I’d started a mentoring foundation in Portland two years before and was attracted to Obama’s message on responsible fatherhood (along with his backing of The Responsible Fatherhood Act.)"

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