Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Theology of Politics

I know many, many Christians were praying for the election and the results. I believe God answered those prayers. So, now what? The one I voted for won. Many loved ones are unhappy with the outcome. So, did God not answer their prayers? Did they get an answer they don't want? Are they not grateful for God's providence? Do we think we know how God is working and why He does what he does? With my nearsighted limits, spiritually thinking, I cannot presume to know God's plan. I can presume to know God's promises because they are clear in His Word. So, to me, it's still good. How do we know when the government becomes too important to having our lives go our way? I'm not even sure I know what I mean by that exactly. I'm just fascinated by how politics shapes our theology, when I imagine it needs to be the other way around. Too deep for so early in the day.

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Glen Peterson said...

The Kingdom of God was not on the ballot. Either Candidate would have come with his own set of short-coming and assets. Continue to check here for a variety of points of view: