Saturday, September 13, 2008

Consumer Pressure Part IV

So, I do feel a little peer consumer pressure to own a "modern" TV, and a flat screen does appeal for the lack of space needed to display it. There is a little voice that says, "Oh, be like everyone else...go pick out something shiny and new, and then you'll be truly happy." But we have an "old fashioned TV" that works. Our den is a small room where we watch it, so we don't need a large screen. This is even nice for watching movies, because the sound is so good -- thanks to my husband setting that up. So we are content. Not because of what we own, but because of who we are and simplicity aids serenity.

Now when this one breaks, we will have to make a decision. But for now, people who visit us may have to step back in time to watch TV or a movie, but that is OK.

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