Saturday, September 13, 2008

Consumer Pressure Part III

This morning I was dusting in the bedroom. As I wiped off the TV, I remembered buying that TV. It was a big deal. It's a 14" color TV with a remote from Montgomery Ward. Anyone, remember Montgomery Ward, our 5th president? Just kidding. I think it was a national chain at one point.

I bought the TV in 1985. I had just moved into an apartment by myself and had always watched a roommate's TV, so I wanted one of my own. I needed it to watch Monday Night Football, of course. Really. That provided real urgency. So, I got a decent one that I could afford.

And you know what? It is 2008 and we still watch it, the remote still works. It works with cable or dish TV. And it has a "Sleep" feature, so it can shut off after we do, sometimes. And we can wake up to it instead of an alarm, though the value of waking up to local news is a disturbing way to start the day sometimes. It is good enough.

Am I unpatriotic because I haven't supported my country's economy in TV purchases and upgrades? Am I leaving a smaller footprint because for 23 years I haven't sent a TV to a waste disposal sight? Am I still watching TV with satisfaction. No. Yes. Yes.

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