Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just Not That Into It

I'm just not that into getting gifts this year for Christmas. Two events have me twisted about this traditional part of my holidays past that I usually really enjoy, having fun opening surprises on Christmas morning. First, my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in January, had surgery, and went through chemo. She is doing well and the cancer is quiet and gone for now. I am so grateful. She and my dad just told me they want to travel to the West Coast to share Christmas with us, and we were able to get a good fare! I am so glad to be able to celebrate with my parents again this year. Pure and simple. Material gifts seem small in comparison. The second thing is the suffering that continues with the folks in the New Orleans area. Even though there is not much I can do to help at this time, it just feels disrespectful to want more when so many have lost so much. So, I'm content with what I have. I have so much. Plus, I did get this new computer (and a free Ipod) this fall --- a budget buster, but had to have it to continue my job. Practical and fabulous. Satisfied in heart and soul. Merry Christmas.

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Glen said...

I just want to say that the house looks really nice. Tastefully decorated. It wins the prize as far as I am concerned.