Saturday, November 26, 2005

Complaints about Christmas

It is the official Christmas season, now, with Thanksgiving over. Already I've heard others complain about being busy, not being ready, etc. And it is not even December yet!

It is Christmas -- a celebration of Christ's birth on earth. Jesus was born. Simply born. He didn't wait for us to be ready. Good move. In fact, it was also a busy time with everyone going to town to register to be taxed. Seemed like all the bed and breakfasts were full, so it must have been a busy, bustling, scene, too. So busy that Jesus was born out with the animals, who simply get along day to day.

No one got up at 4:00am to be at the store by 5:00am to get the right gift at an unbelievably low price. In fact, just the opposite. I hear that the wise men came two years after Christmas with their gifts. Now, sales are announced constantly on TV and we get a pile of catalogs daily. Jesus was announced by angels. And not to the shoppers to come take advantage of this can't be beat deal, but to the down-to-earth shepherds at work. They freaked out, but then made their simple way to Jesus to see for themselves.

So, I'm all for enjoying Christmas and keeping it simple and sweet. I can say no to offers of more activity before my schedule causes me stress. I can say yes to traditions that are meaningful. I can find the beauty of this time in so many quiet moments, and in time with loved and friends. I can have lots of holiday fun and decorate our home. I can make choices and avoid the crazy momentum this month seems to demand. I can choose to celebrate the birth of Christ in a variety of ways, public and personal, making this a memorable season to rejoice in our redemption. The world went on its busy way and most were not even aware of the babe born in Bethlehem. Just those that were listening in the fields and watching the night sky. Peace on earth.

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