Monday, July 08, 2013

A Prayer for Congress & Compassionate Immigration Reform

I originally wrote this prayer in November 2010, as my heart cried out to our active, benevolent God on behalf of the Dream act and immigrant students. I refreshed it a bit today and decided to post it once again. My heart aches as we wait on the Lord and on Congress. The House is currently tasked with moving forward, after the Senate passed S744. The House leaders are talking about steps they want to take that seem to miss the point, or at least potentially, intentionally slow down the process. I pray that the Lord will continue to move in the process and the people involved in this time. Let good immigrants come out from the shadows and continue to contribute in ways that make our country a better place. I pray for the pathway to citizenship that works on behalf of those who want to comply.

Lord, we cry out on behalf
Of immigrants throughout our land.
Dispel the myths. Squelch the lies.
Move in the hearts of Americans.
Open eyes to the complexity.
Turn hearts to compassion.

Lord, I pray for progress.
We depend on you for change.
You, the creator of all mankind,
the author of dignity,
the source of love,
help us encourage others to truly see
the neighbor, the stranger,
the power of love over law.

Protect the activists and advocates.
Give them wisdom and strength.
Grant them access to decision makers.
Bless them with love for those who disagree,
And calm those
who divide and destroy.

Help us be patient in the waiting,
Focused on the value,
Kind in our approach,
As we make others aware,
Challenge others to change,
And invite the country to
A renewed perspective, an
American foundational truth.

Please bring reform that keeps families together,
Provides a reasonable path to citizenship.
Grant grace to the good workers.
And most of all, Lord,
Please lead Congress
To take action on behalf of our
Immigrants and our country.

We do not know how You will act.
We come expectantly.
This is the day.
This is the time.
We, the church, must walk on,
seeking You,
To move mightily for justice.

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