Monday, February 20, 2012

Disagreement or Character Attack?

Political disagreement can be just that...disagreement. A difference of views, invitation to discussion and conversation, and an opportunity to gather more information to evaluate positions and inform views. Political disagreement does not need to automatically trigger judgment of character and faith.

When someone makes comments in public about someone's faith and or character based on the fact that there is a disagreement, that can result in judging without full insight, also known as prejudice, can feed arrogance, and builds walls between "us and them." This in not a life giving situation. It is not an invitation to grace.

We can and will disagree, and we can still find a way love our neighbor with whom we may disagree. We can model respect and offer dignity to the person. People do this all the time, but it tends to be quieter. We find common ground and move forward.

It's when in disagreement, I take power and speak badly about someone's character or faith that I believe I dis-grace God's call on my life. God values all life on the journey of redemption.

Character and faith jabs for political gain are just cruel tools in a shallow and manipulative campaign tool box. I do disagree with some of the positions of current politicians and the current president. I will not brand the character or faith. However, I will use the positions to determine who I will side with. You can still be a good person with a strong faith and line up opposite me on many issues. Many do. One does not discount the other. Do not discount me. I will not discount you in this context. I will learn about you and from you.

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