Monday, November 07, 2011

Another Reality Worth Understanding

I am an acquaintance of Carlos Delgado and he recommended this blog. I started by reading Chapter 1 today. I will learn from the writer. I am touched and softened by her truth. I am more compassionate from viewing through her lens. I married "late" - age 37. We will celebrate 20 years this next summer. I am brought to my knees by stories like hers, and aware again and again of the fragile side of marriage which so subtly frames the functional side. How do I guard the sacredness of the vows in a world that is all about the passion and not so skilled at the day-to-day of love? How do I protect the work between hearts in the demands of the day that can quietly destroy? I must ask this daily as I honor my husband and this spiritual connection to him in a sanctified relationship.

Today I read Chapter 1:

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