Sunday, October 16, 2011

Advent Thoughts

I love Christmas. I know. I know. Many don't share that joy. Especially in mid-October. That's OK. We can live in peace.

It takes everything I have to wait until November 1 to begin listening to Christmas music. I wait on behalf of those I live with who do not feel the urgency I feel to jump in to the beauty of the season, beginning with wonderful music. So I listen discreetly and with joy until December actually begins.

One month, the month of December, is just not enough time to engage in what I love about Christmas. I love the music, the lights, the quiet I find amidst the hustle and hysteria, the hope promised of God on earth and His return.

What I don't engage in so much is gift giving. The financial tension that has caused in years past and the frustration caused by not knowing what to get for someone sucked the life out of me. Shopping in frenzied crowds and surviving the fight with parking space sharks is deadening.

The deep reward of spending gift money on causes gives me joy. That is why I post this video today.

Advent is a magical season for me. Anticipation is powerful. It is never to early to remember a time of anticipation of Good News. These words renew that focus.

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