Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was recently given this quote originally credited to Bono, of U2 and

“The hardest thing to do is to stick together…mates, family, marriage, business, bands. It’s like resisting gravity. Its like King Canute sitting in his chair trying to talk back the tide…but you can, and we have, and we will, turn the waves around…the alternative is too predictable…you rid the room of argument…you empty your life of the people you need the most.” – Bono 2004

It challenged my concept of relationships. Then I also came across this writing during the same week. It brought my concept of community in relationships in the Church to focus again.

I am learning. Learning from you.
I am watching you. What do I see?

Do you know me?
I am community.

I am changing.
I am growing.
My way.
God’s timing.

I need a safe place. To ask questions. To seek Christ. To feel accepted.
Not judged.
To be watered by encouragement.
Not scorched by criticism.

You are my example. You are the Christ I know. You are my church family.
Can you show me how to love?

Do you know me?
I am community.

Single. Married. Divorced. Remarried. Widowed.
Lonely. Content.
Young. Old.
Struggling. Thriving.
Many walks.
Many ways.
Is there room for me here?

What do I hear?
Do I hear bones of contention snapping in spiritual osteoporosis?
Do I hear hearts hardened by familiarity and comfortable?

Do you know me?
I am community.

Have I grown up in church? Maybe. Maybe not.
Do my parents attend here? Maybe. Maybe not.
Yet I try to find family here.
In Christ. In friendship. In community.
I’m learning.
What am I learning? What am I learning from you?

Do you know me?
I am community.

Are you sincere in your interest in me?
What if I grew up Catholic?
I am here now.
What if I was not born in this country?
I am here now.
What if I make choices that concern you?
I am here now.
Do I learn understanding?
Do I see Christ’s call to follow, to love, in you?
Or would you be more comfortable if I go?

Am I just like you? In many ways.
But not all.
I may dress for worship differently from you.
I may respond in worship louder than you.
I may have opinions different from yours.
I am not you.

Do you know me?
I am community.

Thank you for caring
With a smile and a warm greeting.
Thank you for caring
By looking in my eyes and not at the packaging.
Thank you for caring
With openness in your heart.
Thank you for caring
By volunteering to help with my child’s programs
Thank you for caring
By letting me grieve or rejoice with you in this life’s events

You are my example.
Show me who you are.
Show me your heart, not your hostility.
Show me your hand, not your hate or fear.
I don’t need all the answers.
I don’t need everyone to agree.
I need to belong.
I am watching. You are my family.
We are here.
I need you.

Do you know me?
I am community.
I recently found this in a box of papers. I wrote it originally in August 1995 on the back of a church bulletin. I revised it a bit and revived it today.

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Mrs. Coral Kenagy said...

You make my heart happy Cindi! <3 I do love this. We keep finding ways we are similar, you and me. Even in our differences there is love and grace. Thank you for including me in your journey. Mine would not be the same without you.