Friday, October 15, 2010

Mayo Mystery

So, there was a big new jar of mayonnaise in the back seat of my car today. Someone gave it to me, since their family could not use it after all, but that doesn't count for this little story.

It was in the 90's today -- as in temperature, not as in a flashback to the 1990's when we were just trying to recover from the bad hairstyles of the 80's. Anyway, it was HOT. So, the mayonnaise, sealed, new, sat safely in the back seat of my car for the afternoon.

Is it safe to consume? I assume, since it was not opened, that it will be fine. However, opened and on a sandwich, unrefrigerated for a period of time -- now, that has its risks.

So, I puzzled ever so briefly about the mystery of mayonnaise. Sealed on a Opened. Warming up. Danger. What a fine line between good and bad! Just a twist of a lid.

The moral and parallel for my own life is deep. Oh, not really. It is simply that I live cautiously around mayonnaise.


Glen Peterson said...

When we are done with the vinegar experiments, we can start mayo experiments.

Cindi said...

Can't wait.