Monday, July 26, 2010

Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis admitted wrongdoing. I had believed he was innocent. I'm now one of the many who in error gave him the benefit of the doubt. Bummer.

I can't imagine why someone would work that hard and mislead so many, and even take so much money. I know he needed to preserve a livelihood, but still. Might have been miserable living with all that for several years. I don't know all the motives and details. I felt betrayed. Now I feel pity or empathy or sympathy or something. I hope he gets help and finds forgiveness. I also don't get why he needs to point the finger at Lance Armstrong from his position. I don't need to explain it all or determine the truth. I just need to leave it all alone and move along, sleeping peacefully.

Weird. Life goes on.


Daniel said...

I'm not so convinced just yet. Why, after a confession from the rider, would I not be convinced? He first said that he did not dope. Then eventually, 4 years after the first allegations, he said that yes, he did. And then he goes on to say that he saw Lance Armstrong and his Postal teammates dope -- and you know the zeal that Lance brings to the "I have never doped" discussion. When a rider denies, admits, and then points fingers, all I can tell you is that his word isn't completely reliable. Maybe he "confessed" to doping for other, not obvious reasons. Maybe he just got tired of the allegations and wanted to get the governing bodies off his back, and he thought it would be worth it to lie. He either lied before or he's lying now (or, OK, maybe he lied, then fessed up, and then commenced to lyin' again about his former teammates).

Cindi said...

Thoughtful response. Gave me pause to reconsider and slow down on my own response. There is a bit of a mystery, as you so logically expressed.