Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First Book, Perhaps

I am a writer. Sometimes I feel I was born to write. That is my sincere truth. Have I paid any bills or earned any portion of my living with my writing? Not many. Not exactly. Yet I haven't given up, though I continue to pay my way through life with other employment. There is some wisdom in that. My dream and efforts to become a published author lives on.

Yesterday, while sorting through some items in storage from my childhood. I came across a tiny little book. One and five eighths of an inch square to be specific. The title of the book is Mr. Worm Goes Swimming, and the inside cover states "By Cynthia Remington." That is me!

I wrote, illustrated, and self-published this book back in 1960's, while in my elementary school years no doubt. I wrote on index cards and trimmed them to that small size. I wrote the text on the lined side and drew and colored illustrations on the blank sides. This tiny book is twelve pages in length, has a simple, yet suspenseful, little plot line and pleasant resolution. My biggest struggle appears to be planning the cover and title page so that the entire word "Swimming" would fit neatly in the space given.

I was deeply touched yesterday when I discovered this work created as a child. I had no memory of it. It affirmed for me my great and long lasting interest in this creative art. Although I have not kept my interest in illustrating my work, I am still an avid doodler to this day.

For the technically minded, I did hand bind the book with one regular size staple.

This mini-book is a treasure and an inspiration.


Glen Peterson said...

Certainly and inspiration and on my list of top books for this year.

Lisa Dabbs said...

Ahhh what a great discovery! Keep the dream alive!

Mrs. Coral Kenagy said...

Just precious! I find some comfort in the fact that even though we may grow older and change some parts of us never do.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

i think you'd be an excellent children's book writer!