Friday, August 21, 2009

Part I: God & Public Schools - A Theological/Philosophical Landmine

What in the world is going on? Who created this confusion and chaos? Any guesses???

There is such division on this topic and the most hostility comes from believers. How winning for Christ can that possibly be???

My background as a person and an educator: I have taught in private Christian schools. I have taught in a public middle school. I work with a public charter school that only offers homeschooling. I have degrees from a private Christian college, a large state university, and a faith-affiliated private university. I have been an assistant principal at a public middle school. I am a follower of Christ, learning to love God and my neighbor as myself. I tend to vote for the Democratic candidate because I often agree with more of the platform positions as stated at the time of the election, though I am a registered "independent" voter. I would say I am politically "liberal," if you know the true definition of the term in political perspective. I also studied the meaning of separation of church and state in graduate school, and feel I have a clear understanding of what the purpose is and how to navigate those waters. And I support it and feel it is for the good of all. It is misunderstood on a daily basis by some, I am learning.

Someone told me last week, an acquaintance with a New Age view of life, looking for a homeschool option, that she has seen all sorts of things on the web for Christians to do to cheat the public charter schools -- get their cake and eat it, too -- take the public funds but still do things in a way that a public school can't endorse?? Is that ethical? There is a fine middle ground, which hopefully, I'll get to later. In the meantime, I have some other things to say. Stay tuned. Right now, I have to get back to work for the public charter school.

As a teaser, here is something I saw on

"Avoid government homeschooling programs such as "charter schools" and public school independent study programs. These government programs usurp the father’s God-given headship over the family and focus the homeschool on humanist goals and curriculum."

I need more information. This has not been my experience. More later....

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