Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Junk Mail Amusement

Today I went through our mail, and here is what I scanned through:
  • Save hundreds of dollars a year! (Insurance offer)
  • Changes to the IRS Code have been passed that directly affect your Teacher Retirement System benefits -- Mr. Peterson (I'm the teacher in the house)
  • An extra $5,000 now... (preferred homeowners)
  • Our bundle is better (Charter Cable)
  • Glen, we have $7,500 available for you RIGHT NOW. (financial services)
  • Open a free checking account and cash in our $100 offer (bank merge)
  • This is to inform you that your automotive warranty may have expired (company not clearly identified)
It is my lucky day! So many opportunities to profit...or not. Well, I'm off to the shredder.

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