Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birth Order

I once spoke to an author of a book on birth order and how that impacts our development as people. At that time, I thought I was first born. I realized recently that I am in fact second born. My older sister did not survive and I don't know her yet, but hope to meet her one day in Heaven. So, does that make me second born with first born expectations? I've always felt I didn't have exactly the qualities of first borns. Maybe this is part of it. How much weight do we put in all that anyway? It is interesting, but I won't lose sleep over it.
Something that is more interesting to me is my younger brother. Second born or third? Who knows how those things go? What I do know is that he and I are friends now and that is a recent development over the past couple years. I'm really enjoying having a sibling friend. I guess I was kind of an only child for about 10 years while my brother had split from the family. He is such a blessing to the family now and has been so kind to our aging parents in Ohio. I am grateful. Ric is pictured below.

Now, think about this. My husband is first born, and if I have the first born role, experts say two first borns should never marry. Well, I'm so glad we did. It is fun. [Top photo is Glen, my husband, and I]

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Glen Peterson said...

You middle position explains your affinity to my middle-born sibling.