Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving...Possibly My Favorite

I love Thanksgiving. I love the simplicity of meeting in a warm home, a table generously spread with delicious food, and loved ones gathered all around for the purpose of giving thanks. No gifts to buy. No schedule to keep that is overwhelming. I am blessed because I have enjoyed my family and my in-laws through the years, as well as many wonderful friends. I know of others have a difficult time returning home for holiday events, and my heart goes out to them. I also know of others who have nowhere to go, and though I keep an eye out for those souls each year, I've found it difficult to locate them to invite them to join us.

I am so grateful to God for his lessons, his blessings, and his faithfulness to his plan for me expressed in love. Good gifts come from him. He gives us things to enjoy. This year was sprinkled with fears and challenges, as well as days of peace, happiness, and fun. In all circumstances, I survive or thrive with God's blessing.

Our needs were met. We redefined our wants. Our hearts broke for others with struggles in health, loss of loved ones, immigration status, emotional battles, natural disasters, broken hearts, and more -- all reminders of the brokenness of the world and our need for a loving Savior -- each day and the hope of Heaven. And from Thanksgiving, I move on to anticipation...Advent...remembering the coming of Christ to earth. Will I ever be able to truly grasp the bigness of that event? I, just the same, celebrate with joy.

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