Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homeschool Moms Are Heroes

I am a supervising teacher that travels around and visits my homeschool families. Homeschool moms work so hard and sacrifice so much to do the home education opportunity well. I know it is a contraversial subject. I don't think I'd homeschool if we had kids. But all the same these moms and even some dads are an amazing bunch. If homeschooling is right for the parents and the kids, it can work really well. Here is a funny video that expresses the sense of being overwhelmed that often comes with this role, especially in September.

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Daniel said...

I wish I were homeschooled! I could get out of school at noon every day and still be ahead. It seems to work pretty well at our friends' houses (one family has 5 kids and the other has 9). Oh well. There must be some good things about not having an extra 3 hours in a day.