Sunday, March 23, 2008

Interesting TV

After a day of March madness -- the upsets & drama of NCAA men's basketball tournament games, I was looking for other things to watch. I spent an hour on PBS learning about brain plasticity and brain fitness. I love learning about learning. Anyway, then I passed right by "The Ten Commandments" (yes, it is Easter weekend) and landed on The History Channel for "Protestant Reformation," which lasted to midnight. Not the Reformation, but the program.

Always eager, at least for the recent years, to hear and learn more about how faith and religion twist throughout world history, I watched this program and found it intriguing. That made for a wild Saturday night of viewing -- history does have it's wildness. The interviews and information connected many parts of current life -- in church and business -- to the Protestant Reformation. I've spent this morning reading my notes again and doing more research. I find it all fascinating and more extensive than I recall from earlier history lessons in high school and college. Age comes with a sort of enlightenment, perhaps. That's fun for me, but probably gets me scratched right off some party invitations. Maybe I'd lose some weight on a Diet of Worms.

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Glen said...

Having a plastic brain is better than just having straw up there.