Friday, February 01, 2008

Presidential Campaign Innovation

I feel frustrated (slightly; why give too much emotion to all this) that the candidates for president with less money can't fairly compete in the campaigning that goes on during pre-primary season. It doesn't seem very democratic. So only the rich can be president? That's not so noble. I have three suggestions:
  1. Give each candidate or perhaps the first seven to apply to run the same wallet with an ATM card and the same amount of funds deposited. Then, say, "Go!" Sit back and watch and see what each accomplishes with the fund.
  2. Permit each candidate to raise money. Then proclaim the one with the most money president. The end. Do we let them contribute their own money? That would have to be decided.
  3. If we agree on #2, here is a twist I really like. Take all the funds raised and contribute to organizations that combat world poverty and/or the global AIDS crisis. And go home feeling good about America. Like MEDA...Mennonite Economic Development Association. Wouldn't that be grand?!!
That's it from me. Happy Super Tuesday everyone!

1 comment:

Glen said...

Oh, that is so funny. I vote for all three.