Wednesday, May 17, 2006

DaVinci Code or Truthiness

Today, The DaVinci Code was screened at the lovely Canne Film Festival. This book, purchased in the FICTION section of the local bookstore, has hit the big screen. Haven't read the book. I, an aspiring-to-be-published writer, am fascinated with and applaud the efforts of Dan Brown to write fiction so close to/mixed with truth that it results in such cultural awareness. As far as the truthiness (credit: Stephen Colbert), it is fiction and entertainment, and until I engage further with the story, I can't run it through my own truthiness filter. As a socially-responsive [sympathetic with Democrats on many issues] Christian, I'm not sure how much more energy to devote to this. I may read the book. I may see the movie. I do need to be more thoughtful in general, including all this, since it is upsetting to so many. However, I need to devote energy to cleaning the living room for now. So much controversy, so little time. Well, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Opus Dei.

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Great comments- love the "truthiness" line:

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