Saturday, June 06, 2009

My First Zumba

Now I've gotten in touch with my inner Latina. And I now consider entertainers who can breathe, dance, and sing, like Beyonce, athletes!

I went to my community YMCA this morning for the Zumba® class. I have never been before. I had read the description, and thought I'd give it a try since I like Latin musica. Zumba® is described on the official web site this way: "fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program that will blow you away."

I lasted 25 minutes. I was wishing I'd brought water. It was a workout, baby!

The dance studio/exercise room was crowded. Besides myself, there was one other woman who looked to be of northern European descent. The only language I heard spoken before class began was Spanish. Maybe I picked the wrong day to wear my t-shirt with the United States flag on it, but my globe t-shirt was in the wash. [I don't have a globe t-shirt.] One man participated.

I headed to the back wall and claimed my spot. The instructor came in, set-up her i-Pod, and moved to the front and center. And the music started. The beat pounded from the speaker over me head, and women all around me, all ages and stages, sizes and shapes, tattooed and not, started to move a little.

Then the teacher started moving. She did not speak. The music was too loud for that anyway. And we all followed her. Forward, back, left to right, side to side, bend, twist, arms up, arms back. And shake it, girlfriend. If that's fun for you.

What a workout! I had fun, but thought I should cool down at the end of 25 minutes. Actually, I thought I might die if I did not. So, I left for today. I walked around the parking lot twice to slow down my pulse before driving home for a big glass of water. Wow! That was exercise. And it was fun.

I laughed at how uncomfortable I was "dancing," basically. I laughed at how uncoordinated I am. It was tricky for me to feel the flow of it all. I discovered I am a decent mimic, so I followed the teacher OK. I did not hurt myself or anyone else in my attempts to move this way and that. I did OK.

Let me just say...some of the Zumba sisters got it going on! They can move to the groove with a flair that is enviable. I, on the other hand, remain rather mechanical and comfortable with that. This seems to be a group that has Zumba'd many times. Some even wore trademark Zumba clothes! I may have been the only one new. That's cause for some minor discomfort, too. Hey, it keeps me young to learn in new situations. And the activity, in spite of the small moments of self-consciousness, is a great investment in life.

Hooray...for getting to the gym. For getting exercise. On a Saturday.


Glen Peterson said...

My very own Zumba Mama!

LoriLee said...

Thanks for sharing this - funny and yet informative. For someone like me who LOVES exercise (that in itself should tell you something), it's hard to imagine being uncomfortable in a class like that. But, however uncomfortable you were, you did it! And next time won't feel so weird, and even if it does, you'll know that you will survive. I encourage you to keep going, keep moving and in a few months you will be amazed at what you can do! What was that we read in James about persevering???

Unknown said...

what a trip huh?! i'm glad to hear you tried it out. have you ever gone back?

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! I love it!

Quite true. I'm going to stick with it. I figure once I learn the steps it will get easier, right? And it sure beats the treadmill. Where else will your instructor scream "take your time! feel the music!!"